Richie Kharis

March 09, Nigeria
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Mater of My Mind

A devil in an angel?
A bold voice in my cabin
so clear, like the sound of the ocean.
Yet unstill, like a wave in motion

She told me I needed to hurl before the clouds turned white,
I needed to retaliate by forcing blood from their mouth
She told me about my weakness; I heard my soft heart crying
She reminded me that procrastination weakens every action

Now this was me against the world
And the world against me
I only wanted to accept my fate and lay my face down in hate
but she kept ringing in my ears like my grandma calling my cellphone
Telling me my need for reaction, and the readiness for the consequence

They feel they own the circles
They think they rule in doubles
They tear you down with their words
They make you a ghost in sorrow

But I see you cold inside
I feel the pressure from your heartbeat
Your silence grows in the darkest realm
Yet you chose to love, but they don’t see it

Then I remembered that peace can rid violence
Only when we welcome the stillest voice
I knew forgiveness was the greatest key to redemption
So, I had to choose good over evil

She left me gasping in amazement
She never thought I could rule over her
She always thought she could spring at anytime
But I’m the master of my mind.
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