Rhonda Jackson

Fresh Meadows, New York, USA

Master Plan

Accept me for who I am, respect me for who I'm gonna be, I have a master plan which will be followed through. The plan will take me where I want to be. The plan will take me where I want to be.
It doesn't matter he nor she, but just have a master plan. I won't sit idly by and watch my life pass by. Sitting on the sidelines just won't do, I want to be a player and get to the finishline.
You must remember to have your strategy together, your plays written down and as you go through life remember, remember your master plan.
Looking very bubbly and your attire all in place, still didn't get you where you wanted to be. You had your upscale education and your verbage all in place, but one thing you negated, you didn't have a master plan.
Why keep looking back on memories, staring through a glass window wondering what went wrong? You can still pick up all the pieces, put them all together and get yourself a master plan.
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