Rex Maverick

I'm not alive.

The Ride

Afraid of these people?
Fed up of these minds?
Cuz it’s never been fine?
Wanted to shine?
But you always decline?
Have no lifeline?
So now you wanna meet the divine?

So you thought…
Let’s end it all.
Let’s enjoy the last fall.
And end this eternal crawl.

But have you ever thought?
Why you never achieved
For what you’ve fought?
Can’t you walk alone
if there’s no support?
And what if the nature
doesn’t wanna see you fail.
And after the fall,
you got hurt to every detail.
But if you survived.
You’re gonna lose the opportunity
to go or arrive.
You won’t be alive
Even after being revived.

So what to do?
It’s simple.
Just be who are you.
Try everything you haven’t been through.
Try something new.
Freak them with some BOO!
Try to understand them.
Try to be in their shoe.
Host some LIFE REVIEW.
But remember…
Never try to Sui-
cide and hide.
As you won’t be able to enjoy the ride
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