Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Will you remember me...

I know I haven't seen you
I know we’re miles apart
I know I cannot hold you
But I feel you in my heart

Is it wrong to think of you
And you to think of me
Trying not to want
What we know can never be

Wondering, should we start this
But it’s already begun
Unable to undo
Potential damage that’s been done

Torn between what’s right and wrong
And what I feel inside
Knowing what will be there
When I look into your eyes

Feeling so confused right now
I find it hard to sleep
I know I’m standing on the edge
Of something much too deep

I feel you all around me
I feel you in my soul
Two strangers who connected
Two halves that made a whole

Destined for one night of love
One night that we will treasure
One night filled with ecstasy
Where we will come together

But when our night is done, I wonder
Will you set me free...
Will you let me go...
Will you remember me...
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