Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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The Angel we gave to you...

He could have taken anyone
But no one really knew
Of all the people in this world
God had chosen you

We’ll never hear your voice again
Or see your smiling face
We’ll never see the one we loved
The one we can’t replace

Even though to you
We weren’t related by our birth
It never stopped you being
The greatest Mum and Nan on earth

To make our children happy
You would walk that extra mile
And through their tears and fears
You were the one to make them smile

Always there for each of us
To listen and to guide
Through the years, through ups and downs
Your arms were open wide

Every precious minute
Every hour that you gave
Every smile and laugh
Was a precious memory made

We’ll think of you in silence
We’ll dream of you in sleep
We’ll pray that you are free from pain
And hope you’re now at peace

And when we go to bed each night
We’ll close our eyes and pray
We’ll put our hands together
And this to God we’ll say

“You’ve taken someone special, who
We loved more than you know
She’s brave, but very fragile
So with you she had to go

Please wrap her in your tender arms
And love her like we do
And cherish every moment
The Angel…we gave to you”.
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