Raina Hutchins

16 June 1964 - London, England
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Kiss and say goodbye...

You're on my mind all of the time
In dreams when I’m asleep
I know I should be running, but
With you I'm in too deep

Why you came into my life
I guess I’ll never know
Why can’t I hold on to you
Instead of letting go

I never made you promises
I knew it wasn’t fair
For I’m not free to love you
I'm not free to care

“Keep it real” you always say
But you must try to see
That all this love you have inside
Just isn’t meant for me

Have you heard the saying
“Nothing good will last forever”
Just remember what we had
And what we shared together

My time with you was not enough
I knew I couldn’t stay
We’ll never have tomorrow
But we did have yesterday

You took me on journey
To a place I’ve never been
A feeling so insatiable
A night of lust and sin

For you I’ll always hunger
Our connection was insane
But while I hold the memory
Someone else will speak your name

Will you still remember me
When you’re with someone new
Will you still feel me
When I’m reaching out for you

If I’d had the chance to take
Possession of your soul
I would have made it smile
I would have made you whole

You and I can never be
Our worlds are far apart
But you I won’t forget
For you’re engraved here in my heart

Will you grant my last request
And stay for one more night
If it’s wrong to feel like this
I don’t want to be right

And when the dawn arises
You will dry the tears I cry
You’ll hold me one last time
Before we kiss and say goodbye...
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