Punit Parikh

Willow Warriors

Did i hear someone shriek,
that, 'it's all over...over! '
that sweet leather smell,
those early drops of dew,
with thousands of hearts pounding,
eyes set as eager as ever,
waiting for the willow warriors.

Dressed in those magnificent robes,
behold your eyes, ''here they come'.
to cast a spell on you,
to steal your hearts,
to display their country's honour,
to proclaim, 'cricket is life! '
it's fun, it's everthing.

Alas! the sweet memories have faded
the dirty tricks have gripped it,
it took no time at all,
for the passion to rust,
for the heroes to turn devils,
it's never gonna be same again!

How can you do this to us?
but we still believe in you
cause somewhere in your hearts,
the sportsman spirit still lives!
the passion still exists.

Oh! the willow warriors,
cast your spell!
return the magic to the game,
those last ball anxieties,
those glorious centuries,
Yes! everyhing each and everything
we want to witness it all over again

Cause cricket is life,
The rest is mere details.
Make that true again.
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