P.T. MacWilliam

Devon, UK


There it is, a glowing light.
Shining brightly in the night
Though a mystery it may be.
Always shines for all to see.

The magic in its shining glow
And warmth created from its flow.
When alas there's searing heat.
Fright that sets hearts a beat.

One wonders, what is this thing.
Joy or fear that it may bring.
Transparent enmity, ghostly flare,
Demands respect and your care.

Spectral luminary, burning bright.
What are you, wondrous sight.
When you're out, I know not where.
Are you hear or are you there.

When you're here its a delight.
You make it day during night.
It is a mystery, it has a name.
A visible passion, a living flame.
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