Pooja Ganesh

Chennai, India
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I was only standing,
watching for the ball,
I was playing safe.
yet, she hurtled towards me,
her body moving out of control,
Bang! and a clac!
I was suddenly a rolling Neymar,
Panic rose,
Nausea and dizziness,
All the impending consequences
flashed by,
trivial to her but my life to me,

I knew I tore my ligament.
I just knew!
I had loads to lament.
Anger and despair bubbling in me
Waves of blinding pain and short raspy breaths
Brief yet continuous bouts of tears
To scream in anger,
to cry my turmoil,
Nothing was enough for me.

There it was,
in a sheet of white paper,
photos of my skeletal knee.
A ligament tear and a fracture!
Anger, Frustration and hate
all at once, emanating from me,
How can this be happening?
I did nothing and yet...
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