Pihu Pihu

05 october 2000

Impossible to forget

šŸ¦‹Impossible to forgetšŸ¦‹

I am 20, She was 18.
I am 22, She is 18.
She has not been seen,
since the last Halloween.
I wonder why are you impossible to forget,
and sometimes I think why we even met!
I Dance, Sing and Talk to you all day,
But then "mad he is" People say!
I Dance with both my hands folded to your back and you holding my arms,
God please save me! she'll kill me by her charms!!
You are not physically present in any of my dance,
But in dreams, I don't leave even a chance.
People can't see you, I Bet,
But who'll tell them you are impossible to forget.
I know you must be talking about me to your jesus,
all our cute things, and you being notorious.
For you, I have just written this poem,
But trust me I can even write a novellete,
But after reading I will be the one with my eyes wet and will later regret!.
you gave me so much love, I am in debt,
Please be back, you are impossible to forget.

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