Peggy Muffley

Shelocta, PA, USA

Guided Footsteps

I was in the yard when I heard him say,
"Pardon me, ma'am, but I've lost my way."
His face looked so tired but so very sweet.
"Don't worry Sir! What's the name of your street?"
He said, "819," as quick as a wink.
The name of his street he just couldn't think.
So we got in the car and rode around.
Saw many houses but his couldn't be found.
We gave up our search and went to the station
Learned many were looking all over creation. Lloyd and his dog had trudged very far,
Crossed many streets, passed many a car
Left their fifth street home, arrived at fourteen.
Much danger had lurked in between.
The Lord used this man through a sad situation
To bring folks together for a good relation.
Lloyd certainly was not the usual old-timer
He was a saint who'd been stricken with dreadful Alzheimer.
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