Pavithra P

February 18, 1997 - India

Wilting graciously

I remember seeing hopes in the eyes of everyone who looked at me when I was a bud;
their eyes assured me how beautiful I was going to look in the days to come.

They were true indeed;
I got a smile from everyone who passed by,
I got kisses which made me blush,
I was pampered by their hands to make me feel safe.

Now the time has come for me to wilt;
I don't see that spark in their eyes,
I don't see that smile in their face,
I don't feel that comfort in their touch.

Yet... I wilt graciously;
with the wind who makes me dance gently,
with the bee who tells me how sweet still I am,
with the sun who makes me glow till my last crumb get down to ashes.
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