Pat Jerseys

Norwalk, Wisconsin

Oil City Jersey's

Hi everyone, we are the animals at Oil City Jersey's and have a unbelievable but true story to tell,
Of how for the last 3 1/2 years the bank has put us and our mistress through a living hell.
You see, she is called different, an outcast and strange cause she farms alone,
But, to us critters she is mom, with a trust and understanding that comes from the heart, from God alone.
Our mistress got hurt 3 years ago on another farm,
She was laid up for 7 months for thier cow did her back and legs a lot of harm.
Instead of helping the bankers tried to destroy all of us,
And almost succeeded if not for that special love and trust.
They broke Federal, State, Bankruptcy, and Real Estate Licensing law, then got caught,
Due to our mistress standing up to them, oh how hard she has fought.
For 18 months she got 0 for a milk check as they tried to starve us out,
5 of us were traded for hay, as was the Arabian horse, 2 of us died, too weak to fight another bout.
A letter to President Clinton brought in the cavalry,
From the head of FHA, civil rights department on down to the FDIC.
On Aug. 27, 1996 the Bankruptcy Judge ordered a lawsuit against the bank,
For which our mistress had tears in her eyes and could only say thanks.
It's been a long fight and how we have paid,
We all know if it weren't for our mistress we would all be dead.
Now the search is on for that special attorney,
Who will take on the bank, make them pay and hopefully behind bars for a eternity.
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