Ololade Raji

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Ajagbe, Jeun K'o Ku… (Chop and Quench)

As much as the romantic concord between Amala and Abula never show any dissonance and, the constituencies of Ewedu and Gbegiri remain unperturbed

Then, let Iyan Koko never ignore Ede Pupa, Sawa Gbede and continue to respect its age-long treaty with Obe Egusi

Whereas Aare Ona Kakanfo now knows that the bargaining dialogue between Fufu and Obe Isapa has reached an advanced submission for a perpetual pact

Why then should Eba Tutu of Gaari Ijebu origin break the ancient contractual construct with Efo Riro from Efo Igbo’s lineage?

As much as Obe Dindin understands that Iresi Aroso remains an alien and, its quixotic relationship is forever with with Iresi Ofada

Then, let not the Egbatedos entertain fallacious accusations from Amala Lafun about Obe Ila Alasepo’s village flirtations

When we know all that Isu Ewura still silently endures a skewwhiff yet symbiotic relationship with Ikete Epo Pupa encouraged by Asaro’s submissive discomfort

Why then should the Iru Pete quarrel and confront Iru Woro in the quest for eminent presence in a pot of Efo Ebolo?

As much as Efo Tete, Gbure, Amunututu and Efo Sokoyokoto (with its half-caste sibling, Soko Agric) and, indeed, all vegetables bear no bitterness toward Ewuro

Then, let sizzling Ogi and tolerant Eko continue to befriend both Akara and Ekuru (the albino sibling of Moimoi) in an Ante-Meridiem albeit polygamous episode

When we saw both Dodo (of Ogede Agbagba’s ancestry) and Dundun in corporeal embrace having bathed in the oily sauté of African three-legged pot

Why then should we agree with the ever-honest Ewa Adalu and the black-eyed Ewa Ibeji to continue an unnecessarily endless squabble with Isu Efuru at the expense of Obe Epa?

Then, is Oodua’s life not ‘awashed’ with the celebratory aromata and pageant procession of Emu Ogidi, Oti Sekete and Oguro?

Yet, with a reckless desertion of your healthy varieties, you laze in the cancerous microwavic fiery fire of foreign fast foods, Ajagbe Jeun K'o Ku!

Ololade Raji
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