Nupur Gautam

January 20, 2005
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My soul questions you...

When the sun sets will you be my moon?
Will you be my rainbow in the monsoon?
When I act childish will you bring me candy and balloon?
Will you help me open up to this world when I hide in a little cocoon?

When life seems to be weighing me down will you lift me up in your arms?
Will you help me calm down when my over-scrutinizer brain rings all the false alarms?
When I drown in misfortune will you be one of my lucky charms?

When you touch the petals of my soul will you cause them to blossom with care?
When I'm surrounded by the darkening dusk will you be a starburst of light with a glare?
When despair washes over me will you be the candle of hope which lights up with a flare?

When I crave your touch will you caress me with the fire of ecstasy?
When I feel insecure will you praise me like a piece of art in a gallery?
Will you hold me tight as we watch Augustus die and my eyes turn watery?
I'm sure your answer to all those questions is "YES" because having you in my life is nothing short of winning a lottery.
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