Nupur Gautam

January 20, 2005
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Forgive Me

I'm tired,
Exhausted of apologizing
To everyone for everything I've done
And sometimes for things that I've not,
For all my stupid decisions and actions,
For doing something that I'm not even guilty of,
But your ego demands my apology,
So here it is...
Forgive me for being myself
Forgive me for prioritizing myself over you
Forgive me for my insecurities
Forgive me for my fears
Forgive me for my desire to be alone
Forgive me for my angst
Forgive me for the tears that well up ever so often in my eyes
Forgive me for everything else you have against me.
I'm sorry once again
Because what's the worth of my feelings? None
Because I'm always the dramatic one
Once again your armour propre won.
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