Norhan Al-jaf

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My poem....

My poem.....

You think you kill me with your hateness. You hate murderously; in blood, in humanity.
Your poison has no place in our society.
The venom that seeps from your mouth have always been heard but will not pierce through and kill me.

Is it faith or fear? Is it your submission to a deity or one to your community?

Are you listening to the valid speech of god or the invalid words of your closest enemies......those opportunists, tearing your daughters. Those women with compassion, resilience, love and ambition.

Those women that drive, teach and build young boys into men.

Your only peace is when you kill each other. You need to learn to see me as a brother....

A sister, instead of two strangers.

Don’t forget this world is not yours its ours.

Your breath is the most important thing I own. Our survival we bestow. Those evil eyes we need to cure. For that pain was only once endured.
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