Nimesh Bhandari

21 June, 1979, Jodhpur, India

Dream Castle

Oh My Sweetheart, let us spin a Dream Castle together,
And script a story which is etched in our hearts forever.
Story which has no beginning and no end,
Story which becomes a saga for the rest of life we spend.

Off we take to this magical castle with our magical wings,
We cling as we prepare for the fling!
Your touch makes the Castle come alive,
Lake in the front, Jungle in the backyard and flanked by mountains,
We arrive!

Acres of silence, with no one around,
With your breathe, I myself surround!
After years of yearning, I sit beside you for years,
Looking deep in your eyes, I dispel all your fears!

We start our day cycling to Jungle,
As we talk, our cycle walk on a red flower carpet,
And Trees smile all around to welcome us!
Butteflies in my stomach, butterflies in the Jungle, flutter to sing the love song!!

I surprise you with an Italian brunch,
Vesuvius you turn, when you taste Ravioli from the platter,
Ah! I douse the fire by throwing a bucket full of water,
We laugh out the meal muching together!!

Off we go to the adjoining lake,
I paddle the boat while you hold my hand,
You take your turn to play the game, splashing water all over my face!!
Startled to see the action, I come closer to you and embrace!

Trek we go to the mountains,
You get stuck in a crevice and I try to lift you up,
Oh! Down we go rolling on the hill,
We chuckle, as we go up again climbing the summit.

We spend the day iddlying around,
In your lap listening to music, while you wade through your spy series,
A game of cards and a game of foosball,
Whatever we play we make each other win!!

Evening sets, and we do binge watching,
I wrestle my hand on to the remote,
You launch a tickle attack, and I know my chances are ‘remote’,
I settle down to watch your kind, sleeping my way through the episode.

We end the day with a candlelight dinner,
Hearts sprinkle from the sky while we celebrate together-ness,
Time to say good-bye, when you press the rewind button,
A new day begins in the Dream Castle!!!
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