Nimesh Bhandari

21 June, 1979, Jodhpur, India
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A trip to Tsango Lake

As the Roads crawled Teesta, flanked by hills,
We climbed up the valley, to stay with the clouds still.

As the peaks of snow suddenly appears,
The fate of the road, the turn, makes it disappear.
But My eyes still gazed for the beauty divine,
Their touch, their ego, so feminine.

At the hut we stop, to salute the tricolor,
And the echoes of the Anthem are in the valleys fervor,
I dough the snow, on my mates to throw,
As we continue to plough, to let the game grow.

The van we ride, skim pass the falls,
And we notice Tsango, hidden behind the mountain walls.
The sun is born, at the throw of nature’s dice,
In the harmony it stays, with its rays reflecting the ice.

The surface of lake, with rays shines bright,
I feel the heat, while the cold is at its height!!

We travel down the Silk Road, when dusk is a distance away,
The Snowstorm sweeps our way, as the nature starts its play.
As the roads vanish, we float on the terrain,
And only the expertise of driver, had we to claim.

The wind calmed down a bit, to unravel the mystery,
As we rediscovered the waterfall, frozen in history.

We were in safe hands, from the weather so rough,
When I broke my sleep, to hear the traffic cough!!
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