Nevermore _

They said

She always said "I'm at the end of my rope."

I just never thought I'd see her hanging from it.

I guess cruel reality crushed all her hopes;

So she lowered herself, from her neck, to the pit.

He always said "I'm at the top."

But I never expected him to jump from there.

I guess cruel reality caused his bubble to pop,

So he took the fastest way down instead of the stairs.

He always told me "I am the bomb."

So I wasn't surprised he went out with a bang. 

I guess cruel reality showed he was wrong,

So he fired his gun when Hell bared its fangs.

She always told me"I'm so tired of this life"

So I wasn't surprised when she took all those pills.

I guess cruel reality revealed all her strife,

So she died inside and lost all her will.
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