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The Question

I've stood in this place a thousand times before,
Locking the windows, barring the door.
Asked the same question, oh! A thousand times four,
But maybe
The answer's not the same anymore...

I took the same steps, danced the same dance,
Said the same words, took the same hands,
All of those times I was given a chance-
All those times I said "no"....
What if I said "yes"?

Ive stood in this place a thousand times before,
Protecting my heart, broken and sore.
But maybe I'm not the same anymore;
I've unlocked the windows, threw open the door!

So ask the same question that before you had asked,
Ask one more time, and it will be the last.
For such is the case when love is the task-
And if you ask me one last time,
I swear I'll say:
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