Nehal Mistry

September 11, 2005
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I Wish

I wish it had happened at a better time...
Maybe it would have gone in a better direction, maybe not.
The yellow of the bus, the brown of the sand, and the blue of the water & sky,
All hold memories of moments
I never knew would end so soon...

The classroom, full of chairs and tables where we sat every day,
hold memories I never knew would exist one day...
Walking into that place every day, knowing it's not the same anymore, is hard.
All those memories keep coming back in a flash.

"You were once a complete stranger in my life,
and now you're a stranger with memories."
If only I could undo everything that happened,
I would go back to the time when I had already decided,
how I wanted to spend these two years of my life. Alone.
But who knew it would change so soon...
Everything ended before it even started.
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