Nehal Mistry

September 11, 2005
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I Miss...

Those brown eyes shine better than pools of honey in the sun,
That brown hair flows better than grass flowing on a windy day,
That voice which seems to be even deeper than the ocean,
That laughter that's music to my ears,
No longer feel the same.

I miss the twinkle in your eyes
I miss the happiness in your voice
I miss that smile on your face
I miss sitting next to you
I miss messing around with you in class
I miss spending time with you...

Now there's a distance between us
Full of tables, chairs, people, pain, guilt, anger, and ego...keeping us apart.
There's a silence full of unspoken words that would have changed everything if spoken at the right time.
Maybe it could have put us in a better or worse place, but-
At least the misunderstandings would have been cleared.

I miss those small talks in class
I miss those group activities
I miss the teasing
I miss the laughter
I miss those moments
And most importantly,
I miss them cause they were with you...
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