Nancy Altraide

April 29, 1997 - Nigeria
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Oh my friend oh my friend
I have found solace in you
Some people say
You are just an emotion
Other people ask
How can I control it? because
sometimes you wreck havoc
Other times you drive people nut
Most times you lead them to sin

But I see you as a force
A compelling force
That drives people to extreme
To their point of weakness
Sometimes to expand their strength
Other times to gives motivation
To the simple and feeble alike
But you have to think hard
Or you may lose yourself

To the power of its influence
Like a man on the influence of alcohol
It may cost you everything
When you let it crawl to you
You have to confine it in a box
It act as a darkness but it's not
That want to devour the light
Anger is very simple but broad
It comes with pain sometimes

Pain that you have missed it
That it was all for nothing screaming, shouting and creating havoc
You just wasted your time
By putting energy in motion
Just for anger
O wise man do not consent
But be wise in your approach
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