Nakul Bisht

April 20, 2004 - Nainital, India
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I am home again

I hear the raindrops pattering as they kiss the tin roof,
and fill the air with their slow soothing smell.
The pine fire is crackling;
shedding its warmth across the room, thawing my heart.
The familiar laughter on seeing the old rusted photographs
refreshes numerous old tales and various
bonds that had become milky with time.
The wild wind brings with it the flavor of flowers
and fireflies which sit upon the clay vessel.
The yonder chirping cricket
strings joyous music till the depth of soul.
Today the dream catcher is releasing all the dreams
she piled long ago
and they like warm dew droops down my eyelids.
The brewing tea hugs me with motherly love
and tells me I am home again.
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