Mukhlesur Rahman

New York, NY, USA

Voice Of Heart

If you bestow trust to a worthy heart
Then you can seize the amorous soul
And sweetness, a wave of joy for life
Also you will greet merrymaker king of twelve months. If you focus your two legs, two hands and mind
To create veracity and equity
Then you will advance diligently
And be touched by a flood of tenderness and fondness.
Then I dissolve in your tranquil existence. You can give to a love of heart
Where you have affection and attachment
And a translucent portrait of love
So, for the purpose of a moment o amorous life.
I search again and again. You can cast a look
That has serenity of deep feelings
And that wraps my chambers of Consciousness
As if shaded by the cloud of the sky. Then I can offer my evident identity
And steadfast love of heart.
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