Mister Rotten

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the slaughter of the unhinged

him [cold like the arctic wind]:

the frost I recall,
the slightest of shivers
the chill that brushed over my shoulders
I was longing to thaw, I was longing to shield
yet she burned, and she blazed
while I smouldered

dithering on a tremulous night,
they kissed and drank blood
and she pledged herself to his whims
whispers swept
retching plight and delight
and her limbs intertwined with his

a delectable crack
lingered faintly
sensitive, tender, voluptuous
quaintly raised eyebrow
urgent caresses
somewhat rushed
and overtly presumptuous

them [opaque, tangible]:

needle tracks, gazes lenient
infertile lacerated silences
an intimate deviant
and its numbing, chemical sciences

by the blatant whiteness of dawn
the fear of the ultimate syringe
wails muted,
will surmounted by brawn
the slaughter of the unhinged
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