Mister Rotten

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tremulous land
beseeched me to quiver
to bide, to tarry
somewhere inside
somewhere upriver
blessed and extraordinary
obscurity everlasting
obstructive, obtrusive, occlusive

amok I
oh holiness
keep me grounded, almost indoctrinated
suffocate me
lick me
somewhere inside
somewhere up the almond tree

I’m so tired of being lived by my life
haggard, not feral
inching and quailing
lynch me
somewhere inside
somewhere within the railing

buoyancy perched
smothering, asphyxiating
carnally, venereally
I only wished to penetrate and permitted it wise and contrary
ruptured, bled internally
verbally there was merely everlasting nothingness
somewhere inside
somewhere within the thickness
this sickness
beseeched me to flutter
to wilt, to submit
they only wanted to fracture
but never feared to break me
/somewhere inside
somewhere I don’t exist lately/
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