Miki Vermeulen

April 12, 2004 - Washington State
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alone and happy

I cannot be alone,
And I cannot be bored.
Does that mean I like people's company?
Or am I just good at faking a smile,
And getting things done?

People say I have the best smile,
But is it real?
Am I really happy?
Or do I just lie to everyone?

I do not cry in front of people,
But I cry every night alone in the dark.
I come off as the happiest person alive,
Am I?

When I am alone,
Am I lonely or am I free?

Who is the real me?
The one smiling with her friends,
Or the one shaking with sadness,
All alone?

I hope I can see this smile people talk about,
Just once in the mirror,
When I am alone.
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