Slava P, aka Maximus Decimus Meridius

October 31st, 1970 - Kyiv, Ukraine and since 1992 - New Jersey, USA
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I asked the ash tree...

I asked the ash tree where my beloved is,
The ash tree did not answer me, shaking his head.
I asked the poplar: "Where is my beloved?" -
The poplar showered me with autumn leaves.

I asked autumn: "Where is my beloved?" -
Autumn answered me with pouring rain.
I asked the rain where my beloved is,
For a long time the rain poured tears under my window.

I asked the moon: "Where is my beloved?" -
The moon hid in a cloud - did not answer me.
I asked the cloud: "Where is my beloved?" -
The cloud melted into the blue of the sky...

You are my only friend, where is my love?
You tell me where you hid, do you know where she is?
A friend answered a devotee, a friend answered a sincere one,
She was your beloved, She was your beloved,
She was your beloved, but became my wife.

I asked the ash tree...

Vladimir Kirshon (Author)
Translator Slava P ©
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