Maitrayan Bera

9th May, 2000 - West Bengal

Little Things

I wanted to run away with you,
And i was ready to get lost in you.
I wanted to fly away with you,
But as i spread my wings,
I fell down, onto the ground.
Beneath me the pain, the agony of being disheartened.
Above me, the lies disguised under your promises.
You kept me so close, you kept my soul.
My soul slowly ravaging in you, turned into a ghoul.
The spirits you embarked were truly so high,
It just breaks my heart to say goodbye
And leave you be, because I don't think you care,
Cuz if you did, you would be lying next to me whispering in my ears "I'll be there ".
Ill be there for you, when the rain starts to fall,
Ill be there for you, whenever you need me, just call.
This is what I said and i always was there, but you took advantage of me, how did you even dare ?
Treat me as a responsibility, say my love's not enough, who do you think you're trying to be, girl, trust me, you ain't so tough.
Oh i wish i wish i wish you'd feel the same,
I wish you'd feel this when someone else treats you the same way.
Let your pain guide you and hurt the love you trust.
Your heart would be made out of solid tin, left away to rust.
Did you forget the days when i embraced you with my arms, brought you close to me, never caused you any harm.
I let my love flow away, Like a candle to burn.
To burn and burn and burn so much just to be put away,
Till the fire keeps on burning, i held your hand at your darkest days.
And then you come and say to me, i am not the right one.
I literally just wanna be so fucking over you, I'll be running away , far away untill I'm done,
Running from the past, running from you, but I won't keep on running,
Cuz eventually all the paths lead back to you.
But I won't walk the path back home, for the things that i have learned,
Have made me realize so much,
I guess the little things were never enough.
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