Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Sickle days

Down with some humor life had to offer
Fit as fiddle was an understatement
Had such bodily tenacity that I felt sure
I could take whatever life throws at me
From its ill imposing cauldron
Struck with sudden hysterical fever
Made me healthy in the day
And shivering timbers at night
Pills went manic to curb its excesses
But braver the fever got
So I engaged the needles to shoot it down
Fever beats an hasty retreat
To return with the nastiest recon
Shook me down to the bones
Rattled I was to the fringe of death
All attempt was rebuffed as naught
The conquistador fever left quitely
After it was sure of its successful colonial venture
In all territories of my anatomy
Felt fit again and ready for the hustle and bustle
Felt war end
So I thought

That was just a battle that ended in a draw

The real war started in my skull
Right in the brain
Unseen and unheard
Manifesting in nervous breakdown
Felt my face stroked on the left
Could only smile with the right
Felt my life end
Felt my dream melt
As my face felt dead
Ha, what a plague

Then I found him
Saw him approach
Like a knight in shining armour
On a horse, I learnt was called Faith
Far ahead I sight him in blurry vision
Perhaps the fervent tears blurred the scene
Up close he was as vivid as day
Hope he said his name was
Sheriff of the county know as
Better days
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