Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Biography of Lukman Abdulwasiu

My name is Lukman Oyedeji Abdulwasiu. Am currently an undergrad at University of Ilorin, Nigeria, studying History and international studies. I come from middle class family of 6, am the First child of the Lukman family. As young adults in my early twenties a write poems based on my life experiences and how I feel at the moment, at some certain phases of my life, the ups, the downs, the pleasurable and the outright painful stuff life throws at me. So as not to bore anyone reading this, am basically an average guy who's most inner most feelings and view of the world are better expressed in poetic lines as the words seems to listen to me and resonate with with great understanding whatever am going through, I hope that even makes any sense to anyone reading. Am also a big dreamer, I dream of great fame and fortune to help my family out of poverty, even though it seems unattainable for now. But I believe that one day, or someday, I will achieve just that. I hope you enjoy my poems, as you see the world through my eye, from my vantage point and empathize with it๐Ÿ˜Š