Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Purple sound

In world full of adversities
Ridden with insurmountable summits
Every nook and crannies lurking with slanderers
Pessimists and con men
Malevolent villagers out switching off luminous light
Of igniting stars
Bitter tasting truth of this Earth's cruelty
Conniving to make greatness a mission impossible
Teaching lesson with challenges negating big dreams
Tiring one out few seconds to a marathon
And supplying enough depression to break a camel's back

All in all, we all find our divine igloo in the blistering heat
Our oasis in the droughty desert
Our niche in the wild
Our blessings in d'skies
Providing succour to live through it all
Cushioning our long bumpy ride
Keeping us sane in a crazy world
Our purple sound
A redress to the cruel treatments

We all get find our purple in some way
Positively or otherwise
We get our purple sounds humming
Rebels find their purple living on the edge of a knife
Priest find their purple with celestials
Bullies hum their purple sounds in hurting other
Cause they've been hurt
Addicts and druggies find their in x pills
Perverts in orgy
Sages in wisdom seeking
I in solemn music and solitude inspiring thots

Purple sounds help us get by
Good or bad
Moral right or wrong
Whatever your purple sound might be
Try to live and let live
Cause we all go through alot
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