Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Empty ink

A lonely heart
Breeds a bottomless soul
Fiery arts voids rhyming scheme
Scribbled with empty ink
What better way to pour out one heart
Than on a non-judgemental blank paper
With an empty ink writing seamlessly without qualms
Transmitting my heart content to a blank paper with listening ears
Yet I remaining covertly unheard and perpetually unseen
Can't feel anything at this spot
Yet hustle and bustle abounds around me
Am in my head, so all i hear 's a deafening silent hush
Can't see my thots written down
fills me with weird untold joy
The empty ink encourages more unseen scribbles
It saddening am going to make it seen someday
But the feeling of good therapy should not be kept unseen and unheard
Oh blank paper, do you know what it's like ?
Feeling nobody understands you
Feeling like you fell off the cliff into a very deep pit
Yet nothing to break your fall
Feel like you had everything and yet own nothing
Talking to a therapist who doesn't seem to listen
Feeling like ...
Like... like you've been falling so long the pit has no end
Discovery of an abyss
As bottomless as like my soul
Feeling of semblance with quells the fears of falling
Unto rock bottom
Yet dash the hope of a glorious future
Oh empty pen void of ink, can you ask if...
If the paper knows how it feels ?
Drowning deep in myriads of great oceans and seas
Full of trial and quadruple-bulation
Sea monsters and ocean titans besieging
Yet can't even swim
Dear blank paper and empty ink in my pen thanks for your great understanding
A good listener I find you to be
Your mute-quietness shows the level of knowledge and understanding you possess
Over thousands of years you've help black and gray hairs express their inner most thoughts and ideas
I believe as you are the bearer of millennium of human thought
I felt you could understand my thots
So I came unto you to express mine
At you most inactive yet receptive state
In blank paper and Empty ink.
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