LonelyPink Lotus

March 23, 93 - Philippines


I only admired the cover of the book.
But I did not try to open the pages.
Because it’s not mine in the first place.
But if it will be given to me.
I will take it with care like I used to.
If I happen to read the lines.
It means that it became mine.
If the paragraph turns out bad.
I will still love it like I used to.
Because my grammar is not good too.
If songs written in different genre.
I will still sing it every day like I used to.
Because every song has its own meaning.
If the poems suited to my liking.
I will consider it as a BONUS.
If the owner says the phrase.
The book is not meant for you.
I will still admire the book from afar.
Maybe in the long run he will change his mind.
If his words remains the same.
I will still admired the book from afar.
Then ask the owner these phrases:
“What lonely than of a Blossoming
Pink Lotus out of its water?”
“Does it really need to die, to live?”
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