Lisa Ducharme

July 7, 1982-Arizona
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I have seen hundreds of nighttimes just like this
Stars ablaze until they rupture bursting into flames
Fading into pitch black
Reminds me the lights I used to keep
Have gone away
Nothing ever stays from here on out
I was the bridge each individual I used to know
Had to cross
In order to dream brighter
Paint their skies more vivid color
I was just a remanence of their youth
A fast shimmering glitter in those eyes
A spark of hope to ignite the flame
In which their fire would grow so bright
I just never could be underneath those fiery  skies
Their candle to be lit
Their lantern to keep them warm
Our coldness combined could never survive
Don’t look  for the ones I knew
I’ve seen a thousand tears
Gazed into my mirrors
Their reflection now lost
I’m stronger for the strength keeps me vital
I’m wiser for the honesty keeps me knowledgeable
To always know that in one second
We blink
We breathe
We speak
Change is the force
Not to be wrecking with
I’ve seen this thousands of times
Just as the day we were born
Was the day we died
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