Lilith Van'Nightinveil

February 27, 1997 - Stettler AB
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Ink Drenched Veil: A Journey Through Shadows

In the shadows of the mind, where darkness weaves its threads,
A sorrowed symphony of whispers fill the voids unsaid.
Where heavy hearts reside, and hope's ember wanes,
I gather words as balm to soften pain's gnarled chains.

Within this intricate tapestry, let me now explore,
The depths of sorrow and despair that life may have in store.
For in such fragile moments, when light seems far away,
A poem's embrace may offer solace, a glimpse of healing's ray.

In whispered verse, we seek a voice to give our pain its due,
To bridge the chasm of despair, connecting me to you.
Let these words stand as testament, that though alone we may feel,
Through shared expressions, bonds may form, our wounds begin to heal.

Through metaphors and similes, I'll paint a somber scene,
Depict the weight upon our souls, where suicidal thoughts convene.
Yet even in this darkness, a glimmer I shall find,
For in the depths of despair, hope's tendrils intertwine.

A delicate balance weaves throughout each heartfelt line,
As I navigate these treacherous thoughts, ever entwined.
The ink will carry fragments of both sorrow and of light,
To honor those lost battles, yet spark a will to fight.

Each stanza shall be crafted, with empathy and care,
To honor the complexities that suicidal thoughts bear.
A tapestry of emotions, woven from strands so fine,
A poem that seeks both understanding and the courage to resign.

For in the depths of each verse, as ink drips upon the page,
May souls find solace, a respite from their darkest cage.
And let this poem stand as testament, to the strength that can be found,
When we face the demons within, and in our hearts, resound.

So, heed this call, brave traveler, through the realm of despair,
Know that you are not alone, and that others deeply care.
For in these words, I hope you find a spark of light anew,
A reminder that you matter, and that hope can still imbue.

But, know I am but an assistant, and my words are just a start,
Seek help from those around you, both near and in your heart.
Together we can navigate this labyrinthine plight,
And find strength to reclaim our lives, emerge from endless night.
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