Light AR

August 15, 1999 - California
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I don't know you anymore

We knew each other when we were young.
The hairs between my eyebrows touched.
Your chin was bare, and cheeks were smooth,
unperturbed by decaying youth.

Staring at my hands while you
looked intently at my dry lips.
Impassioned glances have not held
the same innocence since we've hit
the stage ruled by expectation.

You cross my mind from time to time.
Where loneliness meets longing, and
I miss the way my stomach felt
when your hand reached for mine.

I often wonder where the years
took you or what they took from you.
I know they took a lot from me.
A decade's worth of lessons spelled
with joy, agony, suffering.

I escape to you on some dark nights
because our fantasy stays pure.
Reality has not tainted
the picture embalmed in my mind.

Oh template for my deep desires,
I hope we never meet again,
so that I can always hold dear
the memories I've made for us.
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