Leonid Rotshtein

Santa Monica, CA, USA


Alone be is not easy;
"The most hardest job, when you're not
very busy." Alone be is threat to get forget:
"How with the crowd, or - an individual to be; communicate." For, an individual could hide, so-called, the deal:
To drink the Spirit of from your blood,
As shepherd drinks from pumping cow’s breast the milk: the human's schecolad. Among the people be, a person’d get insult; the false accusation; setting up!
The Word could kill your sleep.
In front of human-wolves feel yourself as trembling; almost finished; "Your years could come to You not as fun;
For Soul years - the whelp ; the cry; bedlam become"
Narrated Poet Lebishor to ancient Friend by Name Evoin.
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