Lamar Yousif

January 24, 2004 - Khartoum, Sudan
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The Maze of Truth

Hello, I'm aiming to get better at writing poetry. So, I decided the best course of action was to write whatever came to mind to the best of my ability and then get personalized guidance rather than the generic and repetitive "helpful tips" I find on websites. Be as mean and brutal as you see fit, as long as it's honest and helpful. If you can, give me tips on what to name this thing, I think "The Maze of Truth" is a bit bland. Anyway, here it is:

The Maze of Truth

We all jump often, and leaves glide down, but birds are the ones with flight

Humans try so hard to dream away,

As from reality, we all try to flee.

I know as much as the different things that all adults preach,

I’m lost in a maze of shared confusion, no one knowing where to go, but the birds fly despite.


And we all talk much, and drums make noise, but birds are the ones with real song,

I try to understand the world, see it as others do–

But how can I do that when no one knows what’s true?

Some run away, some can’t move at all, but some try to find the facts who tantalise with their value,

Birds sing unbothered by silly details, focused on bringing forth a beautiful new dawn


We all can lie, and truth can deceive, but birds are the ones to keep hope in,

I got the truth, unhappily learned and hard-earned–

I hope no one has to find what I now know,

I take comfort in nothing but the birds who light up the globe, before dawn they always show,

I’m free from the maze, I wish I was back, watching the birds fly while I am within.


I’ve done more, I’ve found more, and birds helped me along,

I no longer regret getting out of the maze,

I know use my time to help the others,

They learned the truth, but not how to use it, I now help them discover–

what I’ve waited for long ago, the knowledge I know, to make the evil gone.


I am now friends with the birds, tell them to keep giving hope–

to the ones in the maze we cannot reach,

I’ve done my best, helped all I could,

Though my time to leave is near, I now understood,

The people I’ve helped, will help others tenfold, all because over my maze, the birds would float.
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