Kyle McAfee

March 29 - New York
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Perspective is a hell of a thing.

Meeting her was like looking into the eyes of a phoenix.
Soaring through a forest blanketed in darkness
Fire illuminating the night sky,
Radiating a gradient of yellows and reds,
While burning down the ferns and pines that block her path.
Too beautiful not to stare
But also, too dangerous to linger.

Alas, you remain, despite your better judgment.
She welcomes you with a great warmth,
Accepting you with a fierce embrace.

Time passes and her fire begins to die.
Though, the danger remains, now, as glimmering ruby coals;
Pure hostility expels from these remains.

You try to escape, as she encloses you in a vortex of ill intention,
But the pull is too great.
Coming to terms with this pattern,
You see a new perspective.
One of deception and manipulation.
And it is all much too late to salvage;
To bring the Pheonix back to her effervescent state.
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