Kristi Day

Who I Am Now

If you think you know me
Then look at me again now,
I'm different then you remember
I'm not the same somehow.

My long blonde tresses
Are now highlighted in gray,
My tired eyes no longer
Always see my way.

My blue-green eyes
That once sparkled so bright,
Now have trouble seeing
What hides just out of sight.

My everlasting laugh
Now hides behind my tears,
I think before I act
I am wise beyond my years.

If you think you know
Just who I am today,
Then look a little closer
Before you're led astray.

I'm not the lady perfect
I cant be your everything,
I can only be who I am
Inside this body aging.

I'm not the model of your dreams
I'm not your mommy dearest,
I'll not always lead your way
When your days are darkest.

I am only who I am
It's only me inside,
I cant put aside who I am
Or let me be denied.

I am woman hear me roar
The tears I cry are real,
I laugh sometimes at silly things
My hurts I do conceal.

I am afraid of real things
And things I cannot see.
I wont hide who I am
What you get is what you see.

Don't ask me to change
Who I am right now,
Time will take care of me
If I take what I'm allowed.

If you hold me close enough
My love will see you thru,
Just dont forget who I am
For I'm the one who loves you.
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