Kristi Day

Dear Me

Dear me:
Go stand before the morning sun
Greet the day with your smile,
Remember life's not perfect
And good things take a while.

Remember to give your thanks
For ways which you've been blessed,
For the love you have been given
For the heart within your chest.

Ask not for what you want
But for the things that you can do,
Think of those less fortunate
Before you think of you.

And don't forget to listen to
The birds that sing up high,
And don't forget the simple joys
Like the clouds up in the sky.

Enjoy the sun that warms you
As it shines down on your face,
And don't forget the roses
Along your hurried pace.

And as you rush about
Remember what's important still
You simply can't take life
And bend it to your will.

And now before I go
One more memo yet to me,
Don't forget to look around
And give thanks for all you see.

Stop and smell the roses
Watch the flowers as they grow,
Be happy with your lot in life
To your neighbors say hello.

Don't take your life for granted
Or all the things you see,
For you've but one life to live
Sincerely always, me.
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