Kiyana Kiyono

Long Beach, California

How Will I Know?

How will I know how to comfort her when she comes to me with her tears?
How can I teach her right and wrong from everything she hears?
How will I encourage her on her first day of school?
How will I teach her to use a bad experience as a tool?

Will I give her lowfat milk or make her drink it whole?
How will I react when she first tells me that she stole?
What type of clothes will I dress her in? Formal? Dressy? Plain?
Will I scold her for jumping in mud puddles or playing in the rain?

All of these things, one would think, a Mom would surely know.
But how can I know all of them? You weren't there to see me grow.
You weren't there to teach me right from wrong. Your morals to me were never shown.
How can I raise a daughter without a mother of my own?
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