Kip Henderson

Cartersville, GA

What Have We Become?

Another news report today
Another child taken violently away
Another rape, another crime
In a different place a different time, all the same.

Children dying in the streets
A limousine passing out its deadly treats
Another life, another waste
Hate so thick around you that you can taste, it's all insane.

How can we be so callous and cruel
taking our prayers out of the schools.
Giving ourselves a license to die
and I can't help but wonder why.

What have we become? Passing our souls along the way
killing ourselves with every day.
What are we to do? We leave our hearts hung out to dry
while the unborn slowly die.

What Have We Become?

We carry signs, declare our rights
breed the hate of racial fights.
Yes or no, white or black
Will you lend a hand or turn your back on your own.

We lock our doors and close our eyes
try our best to believe our own lies.
God or no, live or die
Do we have the nerve to wonder why the switch is thrown.

Can it be the Bible is true?
Is there nothing else that we can do?
It seems so hopeless to even try
Are we born here just so we can die?

What have we become?
Letting ourselves just walk away
from the pain we see every day.
What are we to do?
When the madmen don't even care
and no one is really there.

What have we become?
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