Katrina Hodge

Caddo, Texas, USA

The Care Giver Crew

We get up early, and stay up late.
We go to work no matter the date.
Holidays come, and Holidays go.
We work every day, even when there is snow.
We make Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.
We put in just enough salt and Pepper.
If our clients are happy we are too!
We become friends me and you.
The clothes get washed, then comes sweeping and mopping,
We even go out and do the shopping.
Washing the dishes does not take very long.
When we chuckle and sing to a Garth Brooks song.
The cleaning is done and theres two things to do.
Place a snack on the bar and turn the radio off too.
We say good night, they say alright,
Take care going home please do.
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