Kate Wallace

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A Broken Life

It doesn't take much to be a broken person,
consumed by suffering and pain.
For being broken becomes a person's identity
in a way that is impossible to explain.

Sometimes, but not always, a brokeĀ  person
is given the power to heal.
Their given strength and guidance
and the ability to truly feel

Unfortunately for that healed person,
there's more challenges to face.
For a broken person creates a broken life,
where a healed person has no place.

Lost in there own house,
amongst their family and friends.
Missed opportunities and regret,
the feeling of loss never truly ends.

Now a healed person has no choice,
but to do the best they can,
to fix the very broken life,
that a broken person ran.

A broken life will never fully heal,
there's to many factors at play.
A broken person's mistakes,
are the price a healed person must pay

Sorry, your now on your own,
and there's nowhere left to hide.
Congratulations you're now a healed person!
And its a broken life you now reside.
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