Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Yet another rainy day

Life’s flown around me
Like an abandoned forest trail
The serene calmness and a burning desire
A trail that is both, Ice and Fire
Teeming with life and devoid of touch
The joyous energy of meditation
And an anxiety, too much
The morning chirps
The calm rays
The creepy webs
The gloomy days

Life’s flown around me in ways
I can only begin to describe as
Elation, Euphoria
Reckoning, Doomsdays
For, Just like this trail
Abandoned roads flourish with life
Blessed by rain
When untouched, Just like our minds
Which in its eternal creativity
Can make us suffer in pain
Then smile, all the same

So, we see its all a part of life, dear me
For the sad days are behind
And more ahead
There’s still much joy to be felt
And endless love to be shared
Give Life another chance
I say, let this dried cheek convey
That today you saw the rainbow
On yet another rainy day
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