Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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What am I to do

What am I to do
I cant just stay home and miss you
Every time I open our texts
I get reminded of the sweet moments spent
Lying in bed watching a movie with you in my arms
Like the world could end right at that moment
I couldn't care any less
I want to hold you forever
I want to kiss away all your stress
I miss the moments we shared
I miss getting cared for in a way that I never thought I craved
I take a long look down the path that we paved
For ourselves,
A dream
to be more than we are now
I miss the moments,
a glimpse of what it is like
For those dreams to become a reality
For a part of me to be one with a part of you
Pouring every word from my heart in a way so true
My hands can't stop expressing them
Your face stuck in my brain like glue

What am I to do
I cant just stay at home missing you
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